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Feature Code

Feature Code Enable Code Disable Code Description
Call Forward Busy *90 *91
Call Forward No Answer *92 *93
Call Forward Always *72 *73
Do Not Disturb (DNS) *77 *78
Voicemail Access Code *98 Access anyone mailbox through extension number
My Voicemail *97 Access current Deskphone Extension Voicemail
Pickup Extension *8 Pickup ringing Extension, need enquire MYS










  • Use the Speaker Button to turn speaker ON/OFF.
  • Use the Headset button to use the headset once it had been connected.


  1. Take Handset/Headset off-hook or press Speaker button or an available LINE key (activates speakerphone).
  2. The line will have dial tone and the corresponding line’s LED will turn green.
  3. If you wish, select another LINE key or another alternative SIP account.
  4. Enter the phone number.
  5. Press the SEND button or press the “DIAL” soft key.


Press the SEND button when the phone is in idle state to call the last dialed number.

The phone will redial using the same SIP account as was used for the last call.


Single Incoming Call

Answer call by taking Handset/Headset off hook or pressing SPEAKER or by pressing the corresponding account LINE button.

Multiple Incoming Calls

  1. When there is a call waiting, users will hear a Call Waiting tone .
  2. The next incoming call will appear on screen.
  3. Answer the incoming call by pressing the Answer softkey.
  4. The current call will be put on hold.
  5. Toggle between the calls using the UP or down button.


End a call by pressing the end call softkey or hang up the phone.


  • Hold: Place a call on ‘hold’ by pressing the hold Softkey.
  • Resume call by pressing the the unhold softkey or corresponding blinking line.


Assuming that you are in a call and wish to transfer the call to another party.

Blind Transfer

  1. press TRANSFER button and choose Blind Transfer.
  2. Dial the transfer destination.
  3. Press on transfer softkey.

Attended Transfer

  1. press TRANSFER button and choose Attended transfer.
  2. Dial Transfer destination number and press on dial softkey
  1. The first call will be put on Hold and a new call will be initiated with the transfer destination.
  2. When the second call is answered, Users could press on Switch softkey to switch to the initial call (The second call will be put on hold) or press on transfer softkey to complete the transfer.


The GRP260x can host up to 5-way conference calls.

Initiate a Conference Call

  1. Establish the first call.
  2. While 1 call is active, press on conference/Invite softkey and dial the second conference number.
  3. The conference will be established as soon as the dialed number answers the call.
  4. During the conference, The host can add other conference members by pressing on Invite Softkey.

View Conference members

Users can view conference members by pressing on the group members softkey , Information related to conference members will then be shown.

Kick Conference members

During conference, press on conference info softkey to view conference members. Then use UP/DOWN softkey to select a member and press on kick softkey.

Hold The Conference

  • During active conference , press on hold softkey to hold all conference parties.
  • Press on Unhold softkey to resume the conference call.

End The Conference

The conference will be terminated for all parties if the conference initiator hangs up or presses end call softkey .


When there is an incoming call, users could choose to not take call and forward it to another number instead by pressing on the Forward/ Transfer softkey and then dial the forward target number and press on again, the call will be then immediately forwarded to that number.


A blinking green MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) indicates a message is waiting.

  1. Press the Message button to retrieve the message.
  2. Use UP/Down keys to choose the account you want to access its voicemail and then dial the voicemail access number.
  3. An IVR will prompt the user through the process of message retrieval.

Each account requires a voicemail portal number to be configured in the “voicemail access number” field in WEB interface.


The mute button can be used to either set the phone on mute or on DND depending on how “Mute key function while idle” option is configured on the web interface. If it’s set to “DND”, clicking the mute button while idle will put the phone in DND mode and DND icon will be displayed on top of LCD screen . If set to “Idle Mute”, Pressing on mute key will set the phone on mute. DND can be enabled when the phone is on idle state by pressing the DND softkey.


Use the volume button to adjust the ring volume when the phone is idle. Press the volume button during an active call to adjust the call volume.