click "ScreenConnect" to download Remote Request Apps
Remark: For Windows Only

Quick Download
Windows (.exe) | Windows (.msi) | MYS Remote SOS.exe | QuickAdd.exe
Mac OS X (.pkg) | Debian Linux (.deb)Red Hat Linux (.rpm) | Mac/Linux (.sh)

For Microsoft QuickAssist


Step 1: After downloading an executed file, double-click to run it.

type your name, and email and describe your problem, better also leave down your contact phone number.

Step 2. Click Run and Done it will download the remote apps session

Step 3: Click Yes to run the apps

Step 4: After connect will show up the icon

Step 5: Options for users.

You can right-click the "Icon" and select Exit to disconnect the remote session

You can double-click the "Icon" to sent a message to us

If you are Mac user or the download link is not work

Please click to this site

After type the name and click "START SESSION" download and run a tools

ScreenConnect is our new remote services, This is our own private server not relative to third-party vendor, so it will be more secure and private for remote connection services

For MacOS 10.14 Mojave can't control problem [ScreenConnect]




For MacOS 10.14 Mojave can't control problem [Teamviewer]