Sonicwall SOHO Firewall
Default IP :

Username : admin
Password : password

Juniper SSG5

Locate the Asset Recovery Pinhole (labeled RESET on some devices) on the device.

Step 1. Push the reset hold around 4-6 sec and release it
(The Status LED blinks amber / red once every second.)

Step 2. After release, blinks green led and wait 2 sec, then Step 3

Step 3. Push reset and hold 4-6 sec
(The Status LED lights amber / red for one-half second, and then returns to the blinking green state.)

Step 4. If successful reset, Power and Status LED will keep Green, no blink, after a minute, Status blink green.

The device now reboots. The default factory settings are:
System IP Address
username netscreen
password netscreen

ethernet 0/0 is untrust
ethernet 0/1 is DMZ
ethernet 0/2 is LAN << Cable should connect to ethernet 0/2 to 0/6 for access
ethernet 0/3 is LAN
ethernet 0/4 is LAN
ethernet 0/5 is LAN
ethernet 0/6 is LAN