Sonicwall SOHO Firewall
Default IP :

Username : admin
Password : password

Juniper SSG5

Locate the Asset Recovery Pinhole (labeled RESET on some devices) on the device.

Step 1. Push the reset hold around 4-6 sec and release it
(The Status LED blinks amber / red once every second.)

Step 2. After release, blinks green led and wait 2 sec, then Step 3

Step 3. Push reset and hold 4-6 sec
(The Status LED lights amber / red for one-half second, and then returns to the blinking green state.)

Step 4. If successful reset, Power and Status LED will keep Green, no blink, after a minute, Status blink green.

The device now reboots. The default factory settings are:
System IP Address
username netscreen
password netscreen

ethernet 0/0 is untrust
ethernet 0/1 is DMZ
ethernet 0/2 is LAN << Cable should connect to ethernet 0/2 to 0/6 for access
ethernet 0/3 is LAN
ethernet 0/4 is LAN
ethernet 0/5 is LAN
ethernet 0/6 is LAN

Juniper SRX100

Factory Reset Procedure:
Status LED green, press Reset 15 sec, Status LED become orange then waiting it back to green.

Default Setting:
IP Address:
Username: root
Password: none
Please plug the Cable to 0/1, no DHCP so LAN card please static IP to access, first-time access need setup admin login and wizard configuration.


Netgear ProSAFE L2 Smart Switch

Factory Default by Reset Key
You can return the switch to its factory settings. Use the end of a paper clip or some
other similar object to press and hold the Factory Defaults button on the front panel
of the switch for at least two seconds. The switch resets and returns to the factory settings
that are shown in the following table.

Factory Default Setting
Password: password
IP Address: (if the switch is not connected to a network with DHCP)