STEP1: Goto Office 365 Portal sign-in your account

Step2: Click Next

Step3: Use your mobile to download “Microsoft Authenticator” apps

Please finish download the apps first, before click “NEXT”


Below is iPhone download the apps video

After install the Apps, click “Next” or portal

Step4: Open the Apps and Prepare scan the QR code

Please open Microsoft Authenticator Apps and ready for Scan QR code before click “NEXT”, the QR code only valid on short period.

手機打開 Microsoft Authenticator 準備Scan QR code才好按 “Next” 因為QR code好快Expiry.

Step5: User Microsoft Authenticator to Scan the QR code

Remember is using Scan QR Code in Microsoft Authenticator Apps, Don’t using Mobile Camera or other Apps to scan QR code.

Click “NEXT” then finish

Step6: For first time sign-in account on new devices/private session browser.

you need to use your mobile to Approve, that is only limit on new devices sign-in and private session browser, not always open Outlook will or Webmail.

Step7: Suggest you also add your mobile phone number for Multi-Factor Authentication

After sign-in Webmail, right-upper corner click your “icon” > then click “View account”

then select “Security info”

you can click “Add sign-in method” to add Phone or another email for MFA