Before using SSL-VPN the admin/IT staff should already provide information to you for access SSL-VPN, please make sure you have the following information before start~
1. Login URL
2. Username
3. Password
4. 2FA Mobile Token e-mail (If your login require 2FA

Prepare MFA Login (If your login not required MFA, please bypass this step.)

  1. You will receive a email for subject “FTM Activation on FortiGate” and inside have a picture attachment, open the picture you will saw a QR code.
  2. On Your mobile open App Store (iOS) / Play Store (Andriod)
  3. Search “FortiToken Mobile” and download it.
  4. Open the Apps and “Allow apps access Camera”
  5. Click ( + ) to “Scan barcode”
  6. Now you can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code
  7. Finish
  8. Every-time open the apps, you will saw the 6-digit token, If the code is “- – – – – -” please click the EYE to show code

This is video for iOS install MobileToken





Access the SSLVPN to Remote Office Computer

Remark: For security reason, SSLVPN is only for Hong Kong access, you can’t access from another country, so if need work on trip, please email your IT to get temporary access for another country.

Enter the Username and Password

then will ask you token, use your mobile to get the 6-digit token, the token you can find on mobile apps

After login, IT already prepared “Remote Desktop” connection for your remote office computer.Just click the “Icon” then you can access the office computer

Remark: Your office computer must already turn on, if not you can’t remote, please ask colleague to turn on your PC.

After click, you will access your Computer through the Web Browser
– This will not same as Anydesk and Teamviewer, you can’t transfer file between the remote session.
– For access CTRL+ALT+DEL button, please press F8 to show to hotkey menu.
– On remote session your office computer will on lock stage, not same as Anydesk/Teamviewer that is screen sharing, you will be on private remote session.

By default remote session the screen resolution is configure 1920 x 1080, if your home screen is not fit, you can modify it.When mouse over the “Remote Desktop” icon, you can see “Edit”

After click “Edit” you can adjust Screen Width and Height