Get the most from Office with Office 365

Register Office 365 Business Premium Trial

Add MY System Company as Reseller relationship with Admin permission. [Grant] or [Grant2]

Add Synnex Technology International Limited as Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider [Grant] or [Grant2]

About MFA/2FA
Instruction for MFA / 2FA

Change In/Out Message Size (Maximum is 150MB)
set and change user’s message size restrictions, remember by default is 35MB, and only command line mode changes the user default size restrictions. 

Manually Add Office 365 Account on Outlook
(Office 365 should easy to add in Microsoft Outlook, but sometime you may get the old version Outlook and not up to date or something problem let it can’t easy to add, you can try to add on manually.)

Pop3 / SMTP for Office 365 User
The Pop3, IMAP, and SMTP server setting

Mail Migrate to Office 365 Upload / Import PST
(First-time import require to add Import / Export Roles on Security page, it may take 24 hours for roles update)

Export PST for Backup or Archive
(Usually, this is for export mailbox backup for resigned staff, because export mailbox function included “Recovery deleted item”, when staff resigns his job usually will remove a lot of e-mail and empty the deleted item folder, this export job can recovery past 30 days deleted the e-mail.)