– Turn On Mac
– Press 4 Key and Hold (Option)+(Command)+(R)+(P)
– Wait Restart 3 times and boot sound
– Release Hold Key

Boot Internet Recovery (Recovery / Reinstall Mac OS)

– Hold (Option)+(Command)+(R) around 20-30 sec, waiting screen come out.
– You can connect to Wi-Fi and download Recovery from Internet
– You can dump harddisk data to Image store to your external harddisk
– You can get the OS from internet and install again

Boot Menu (Boot from USB, CDROM or Other)

– Turn on PC
– Hold (Option)

Boot Safe Mode

– Turn on PC
– Hold (Shift) Key

Full Screen Capture

Command + Shift + 3

Select Area Screen Capture

Command + Shift + 4 > Mouse Select Area
*** Command Key = Apple Key ***


What is BootCamp :

BootCamp is a function allow you install Microsoft Windows on your Mac with or without Mac OS.

License :
BootCamp is a tools to help you install the Microsoft Windows, that not include any Windows License, you should purchase Windows on online store or retail store.
What kind Windows allow to install on my Mac. If you need to purchase the Windows License, you should check which Windows OS allow install on your Mac.

What should I need to prepare :
1. Your Mac : )
2. Internet Connection for download BootCamp file
3. Windows Source File Image (It require the ISO CD Image file, not CD)
4. 8GB USB Drive


Flow & Step (Official Guide link :

1. Plug the 8GB USB Drive, it should use FAT format
** if you got error on creating drive or you want to format to FAT, you can open Finder > Your Mac > Application > Utility > Disk Utility > Erase and choose FAT

2. Get ready the Windows ISO image file, if you only have CD, your should make a ISO image from CD.

3. Open Finder > Your Mac > Application > Utility > BootCamp
– You will see 3 checkbox :
– The first is create Windows Installation USB, this action will format your USB drive.
– Second is download BootCamp tools and software from internet to your USB, this action will not erase any file from USB,
– The last is start the Bootcamp install or remove Microsoft Windows, you should use third options to install the Microsoft Windows. because direct boot from CDROM or USB your Mac keyboard and touch pad may not working, that mean you can’t install the windows.
– If you do it at first time, pleases check all box create Disk image to your USB, download driver and start the installation.

Remark : Don’t use the BootCamp USB created by another Mac, it will got problem on installation such as keyboard mouse malfunction.

4. Start to install BootCamp will ask the size partition for Windows, if you just want Microsoft Windows on your Mac, please give it half half or any is ok, you can remove all partition on Windows Installation, then it will remains Windows OS only.


Q&A :

Q: After install how can i boot back MacOS
A: Turn On your Mac with hold “option” key, if will pop-up boot menu for you

Q: After bootcamp with dual OS, how can i remove Microsoft Windows, remain Mac.
A: On Mac bootcamp third option you can remove Windows

Q. After bootcamp with dual OS, how can i remove Mac remain Windows.
A. you can just simple remove the Mac OS partition on Windows, but combine the free space on windows you should try “Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management”, i did not test, if can’t combine the front free space to windows partition, you should find third party software to combine it.

Q. After bootcamp and only Windows only, how can i install Mac OS
A. You can use Internet Recovery to restore the Mac OS like new purchase status, but you can’t add Mac OS on existing Windows.