ESET AntiVirus basic product has here three difference:
1. ESET Endpoint Protection (For Commercial)
2. ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus Commercial (For Commercial)
3. ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus (For Home and Personal)

2 and 3 are the same product, the difference is license quantity the commercial can increase the qty or reduce the qty on renewal.  Endpoint Protection includes a central management function, this is more suitable for commercial or enterprise use.

About NOD32 License Management

After purchasing the license, just register first then you can add your license key on License Manager:
1. First time after purchase the License, you can register your license key / serial number on website
2. Create My ESET Account (
3. Sign-in My ESET Account, click “ESET License Manager” and you can add more than one license on your account.



About Activation

Your Anti-Virus Activation can be using License Key or E-mail account for activate your Product.

About License Share

let say you got 3 license CAL, you would like to share with your friend, but you don’t want to tell him your license key, because he may leak your key to the public.  Under your license right side, you can click “Share License” and type your friend’s e-mail address, after he confirms the invitation by e-mail and creates his own My ESET account associated with your invitation e-mail.

This picture show I have invited to one e-mail twice, when he accepted two invited email, actually he will get two install license on his Portal, remember the shared license is only accept activate by e-mail. Also here can withdraw invitation and deactivate installed product.

Shared License will not have any License key for install, must activate using e-mail on Product

Public Key and License ID will be the same to identify where your license came from.



Your License when reaching the maximum activation you can’t send Share Invitation
License is overused (Over Your CAL activation)
License is Leaked (Your CAL + Extra 15 activation)