After Exchange 2010 installed need setup the below setting:

Send Connectors (For E-mail sent out)
– Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Send Connectors
– Click New Connectors and * for address space(s)

*** If you can’t be sent out an e-mail

Accepted Domains (For receive e-mail address)
– Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Accepted Domains
– New Accepted Domains for email receive

*** For add new e-mail address
*** Remind please configure MX record on DNS

Enable Incoming e-mail
– Server Configuration > Hub Transport > Default XXX > Permission Groups
– Check Enable “Anonymous users”*** For receive incoming e-mail

Additional SMTP Connector for e-mail send out
– Server Configuration > Hub Transport > Receive Connectors
– New Connector for internal equipment such as Copier scan to e-mail
– An network you can specify the port for SMTP and allow which IP address to connect
– Follow up the picture to configure Authentication and Permission is ok. *** SMTP Port 25 without authentication for let say Copier equipment.