Q. Phone dial IVR no, press no get no responding.
A. Check the Trunk DTMF mode
– HKBN default is “Inband”

Q. How to monitor the Trunk status.
A. Trunk setting please enable the heartbeat.
– HKBN default heartbeat is 20 sec.

Q. How do I know the extension used *92 for No Answer transfer.
A. You can’t find this status on IPPABX, because this is Phone Desk function.


IPPABX can’t be sent the e-mail out “bounced”

1. Sender name best is using the non-registered domain (e.g.: xxx@ucm6204.com), so this will ensure no SPF record.
2. Receiptiant Mail Server adds ucm6204.com in a whitelist, connection filter allows IPPABX internet IP.