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Full UserGuide (Download)

GXP Series Comparison Chart (Download)
- GXP1610/GXP1615 most cheaper model, but Voice isn't HD.
- GXP1625 basic model, quite simple, but switch port only supports 10/100Mbps.
- GXP1628 include 8 Speed dial/BLF key, supports 10/100/1000Mbps.
***  I didn't use it before, I am using GXV3240 with GXP2200, recommend because of the spec.

This picture shows you the key name and function

 This key use for hold and resume the call

 Transfer the call to other extensions

- Just press (Transfer), dial "Extension no" and press (#)

 Conference Key is only for 3-way conference (1630 support 4-way)

- Call someone first, press (Conference) > call someone > then press [ConfCall] on screen button

Enable Disable Function
*90 <no.> *91 Call Forward Busy
*92 <no.> *93 Call Forward No Answer
*72 <no.> *73 Call Forward Unconditional
*67 <no.> Call Out using General Line Number (Per Call)
*97 Access My Voicemail
*98 Access Voicemail
*40 *41 Blacklist
*88 <Ext> Call Extension Mobile No.
*50 *51 Call Waiting
*77 *78 Do Not Disturb (DNS) Activate
*30 *31 Call Out using General Line Number
*97 Access My Voicemail

Typically the LAN cable is connected to LAN port, the PC port you can split the LAN cable from here to connect your PC, please consult with your IT is it work or not.

If your office environment is supported Power over Ethernet, your phone is NO need to connect the AC Adaptor, So don't be scared you are still in the dream.

Customizer LCD

  1. Press Menu (。) > Preference > LCD Brightness > Active or Idle > select "Level",
  2. The idle default is 1 minute
  3. You can set Active and Idle screen brightness level

You can check and change this setting on GUI interface

  1. Check Your Phone IP (e.g. :
  2. Goto
  3. Login: user with Password 123

- Backlight Brightness Active: Configures the LCD brightness when the phone is idle. Valid range is 0 to 8 where 0 is off and 8 is the brightest.
- Backlight Brightness Idle: Configures the LCD brightness when the phone is idle. Valid range is 0 to 8 where 0 is off and 8 is the brightest.
- Active Backlight Timeout: Configure the minute of active backlight timeout. The valid range is 1 to 90.
- Disable Missed Call Backlight: Configures the backlight to be on or off when there is missed call.

Customizer BLF MPK Key  (MPK Key's is only for GXP1628/1630)

1. Check Your Phone IP (e.g. :
2. Goto
3. Login : user with Password 123
4. Settings > Programmable Keys > Programmable Keys >

- Busy Lamp Field is used for monitor the extension status, also is intercom key.
- Speed Dial and put a phone number in the value field, then you can speed dial this no.
- Call Park is used for pickup the parking call.

BLF Template file (Download)
You may need to change the scale for printing (e.g. 92%)

About Call Waiting

First incoming call the Line1 LED with blink RED, press it for an answer.

After answer the Line1 LED is green.

Another Incoming call will blink on Line2, which was Call waiting function.
- If you press the Line2 now, Line1 will be on hold and answer the Line2.
- If you do not take any action to answer Line2, it may go to Voice Mailbox or call forward to another number depending on the setting.