Preparation :

  1. Get ready all user PST file for upload.
    – No guarantee the upload can be finished on one time, we don’t know the PST is health, damaged or any problem we can upload for it.
  2. Upload, Analysis, and Import will take a really long time with 3 stage, so don’t tell the user the import can be done on a night. Let say the internet speed is 100MB, then average upload speed is 7MB per sec, so each hour you can upload around 25GB
  3. If client request some mailbox should do it first, such as Boss and All Manager, this should be count an extra and additional job, almost same is running import on twice.
  4. The user should keep them own the PST file, even we already help to upload the PST, this prevents user Complaint and shirk responsibility, the most user never file and focus on his working, once he can’t find an email will just shirk the problem to migration upload.
  5. Here just show the step for upload PST, didn’t teach you how to update DNS and update the MX record, if old hosting are still here please remember add a forward rules from old e-mail, forward all new e-mail to O365 e-mail.



Step 1. Login Office 365 with the admin account, under Admin Center > Home > search “Upload PST”


Step 2: Click “Upload PST files”


Step 3. You will saw “To create import jobs you must be assigned the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online….”

That means you are missing some Permission for Mailbox import/export, please follow Step 4 to Step 7 to add import/export roles, else you will always keep see this message.


Step 4 : Goto Exchange Admin Center


Step 5: Click Permission > Admin Roles > Click ” + ”



Step 6: Type the name “Import & Export”, Roles add “Mailbox Import Export” and Member select your Admin account


Step 7: Click Save and waiting updating

After Update was complete, you may need to wait for 1 to 24 hours, then try refresh Step 3 pages.


Step 8: After refresh get this stage, please click “New import job”


Step 9: Give a name for the job


Step 10: Upload your data


Step 11: Click “Show network upload SAS URL” and save the URL as text file

Click “Download Azure AzCopy” and install it


Step 12: Follow this link to finish AzCopy upload


On below Step 15: before import will analysis all upload PST file, it would take a very long time and will reject your problem file.

Most PST file size is not smaller, may be over 20GB, It will take a very long time for upload the PST file, better is try using Outlook to open the PST for make sure all PST is no problem before upload.

Appendix : 
– You can upload the file at the same time in a different place.
 – HKBN 100MB broadband average upload speed is 7MB per sec
 – WTT 1000MB broadband average upload speed is 70MB per sec (20GB file around 5-8 mins)


Step 13: Once finish the upload, click the both “Checkbox” > Next


Step 14: select your CSV file > “Save”

The following picture for review the CSV mapping file setting :
 – If you upload a folder, the folder name glml\0908\*.pst, you should type “glml/0908” on “FilePath”
 – The “Name” is the pst filename
 – The Mailbox should be using the O365 user default e-mail/username
 – TargetRootFolder if put “/” assume is import to root folder, let say “John” he has more than one PST file, we can be used “/import/<pst name>” to separate each file. 

Remark: I will suggest “TargetRootFolder” is using /import/<pst filename>, once any problem such as import a wrong PST, you can just simple to delete the folder on the user mailbox.


Step 15:

Wait for the Analysis progress finish, here I am trying to import 45GB and I waiting an hour just around 10% only. It would take a very long time for analysis and this is just analysis not starting to import.


Step 16: After complete the Analysis, you can click “Import to Office 365” . 


Step 17: Select No, I want to import everything

Remark: Normally have a 50GB mailbox for each user, no trying to import more than 50GB email, you can using the filter to screen out some old mail. 


Step 18: Click “Import Data” now waiting another long time.


Waiting for the import finish, today is 9-Sep-2018, Total 45GB e-mail import on yesterday, time take 24 hours still 92%.