Example: Add a User “yuk” with Local “Administrators” right
C:\net user <username> <password> /add
C:\net user yuk 123456 /add
REMARK: If this is Domain server, this action was added a domain user


Example: Gaint local administratos right for user “yuk”
C:\net localgroup <local group name> <username> /add
C:\net localgroup administrators yuk /add    /*** add a local user to administrators group
C:\net localgroup administrators mys\yuk /add    /*** add a domain user to administrators group, domain name is “mys\”


Example: Reset User Password
C:\net user <username> <password>
C:\net user yuk 123456
REMARK: This is not change user password, this is reset user password, so after reset most saved user password will clear.


Example: Enable/Disable User Account
C:\net user <username> active:yes    /*** Enable user account
C:\net user <username> active:no    /*** Disable user account