Before using SSL-VPN the admin/IT staff should already provide information to you for access SSL-VPN, please make sure you have the following information before start~
1. Login URL
2. Username
3. Password
4. 2FA Mobile Token e-mail (If your login require 2FA)

Prepare 2FA Login (If your login not required 2FA, please bypass this step.)

1. Open App Store
2. Search “Fortitoken Mobile”
3. Download
4. Open the Apps and Allow apps access Camera
5. Click “Scan barcode”
6. Camera scan the 2FA mail barcode
7. Finish


Step 1: Go to download the SSL-VPN FortiClient

The web URL you can find in your e-mail
e.g.: https://210.x.x.x:10443

If after login asking you the token!
Please using Mobile Apps, FortiToken!

Step 2: Download the client

Click “Download FortiClient” and select your version, let say is Windows

Then install and run it

Step 3: Setup the SSL-VPN Connection

After open the FortiClient, left side select Remote Access
Connection Name : SSLVPN
Remote Gateway : <Provide from e-mail>
then Click “SAVE”

Step 4: Connect the SSL-VPN

type your username and password for login, if your login require 2FA will ask token on connecting.