Cookbook :

VPN > SSL-VPN Portals > Edit full-access > disable “Split Tunneling”


Step 2:

VPN > SSL-VPN Settings >
– Listen on Interface(s) select WAN interface
– Listen on Port: by default is 443, you can change it
– After select WAN interface and Port, will show you how to access SSLVPN
– continue on step3.


Step 3:

continue step2, Authentication click “Create New”, new an SSLVPN Group with users for login.

Step 4: Setup Firewall Policy

Policy & Objects > Firewall Policy
Incoming Interface is SSL-VPN tunnel interface
Outgoing Interface is LAN
Source add SSLVPN Group << This is User Group
Destination select LAN Subnet


Step 5: Download SSLVPN client
Outbound User can access SSLVPN Portal that can verify the username password and download SSLVPN client on this page.
e.g. :

Step 6:

After login, you can download FortiClient here and install it

Step 7:

Open FortiClient just enter the name and remote gateway address:
e.g. :