About FortiGate Port Forwarding

Step 1: Create Virtual IP

  1. Policy & Objects > Virtual IPs > Create New > Virtual IP
  2. Assign a Name
  3. Here I change the color to “Blue” so is just to make sure choose the right address later
  4. Interface select “WAN Interface”
  5. Enter External IP Address
  6. Enter Mapped IP Address = Internal IP
  7. Enter the Map Port from External to Internal
  8. After creating the Virtual IP, the Ref. is 0, which means no policy for this Virtual IP and should be not working now.

Step 2. Create Policy for Virtual IP

  1. Create New Policy the destination is “NVR” is blue color, same as STEP1.PT7, this destination is Virtual IP/Server.
    Incoming Interface select WAN Interface
    Outgoing Interface select LAN because NVR IP address is under LAN interface
    Source select all or you can specify static IP
    Destination select NVR that is Virtual IP/Server address



Most problem is forgot create policy or create a wrong policy, please make sure Virtual IP/Server ref. have value