Notification of Quarantine Spam e-mail

All Incoming Spam e-mail will direct Quarantine and not going to deliver to your mailbox or mark as Junk/Spam. But usually, most e-mail may be clean will also classify is spam, so every hour we will deliver a spam report to you.

The below picture is the Quarantine Report sample, the quick preview if you believe the mail is not spam, you can click Approve.

For detail or you wish the system never block this sender, you can click the hyperlink on the subject field.

After clicking inside the mail, you can Approve and add the mail on the whitelist
1. If you click “Approve” this e-mail will deliver to your inbox
2. If you click “Whitelist and approve”, this sender will never block again and the e-mail will deliver to you inbox
Remark: this Whitelist is your personal whitelist, your whitelist safe sender will only apply for you only, for global whitelist please e-mail to IT support to do it.

Search Quarantine E-mail on GFI Portal

GFI MailEssential has a User Portal for management the spam and quarantine e-mail. Why do I need to use it?
– Some users may be requested not going to receive the quarantine report.
– Some users may receive a lot of spam e-mail and quarantine reports, it will hard to screen the good sender.

Every Quarantine Report Left Bottom corner you can click “here” to access GFI Portal

Login your user account, typically we design is same as your Windows Login username and password

You can manage your Personal Whitelist/Blocklist and search e-mail on Quarantine.
Remark: Search quarantine is only for your mailbox, you can’t help other staff to search for their e-mail.

You can search any Spam / Quarantine e-mail on GFI Portal, once you can’t wait hours for spam report.