Outlook Web Access

This is webmail login page

After login, the theme layout should be like this.

If you see the layout looks like the below picture, that means your mailbox is still on Exchange 2010 server, please ask your IT support for help the mailbox migration.


Outlook Web Access (Webmail) Function

Click > Tools > Options

  1. Out of Office Automatic Replies

    Mail > Automatic Replies >
    i) Choose “Sent Automatic replies” and you can select the period
    ii) Remember the below must also click enable “Sent automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization”

  2. Mobile Devices management

    General > Mobile devices
    Here you can manage mobile devices, by default only allow 10 devices to connect to your Outlook account, here is the reason why you need to manage your mobile devices:
    i) You lose your mobile devices, so you need to come here to remove connection.
    ii) You never remove your previous Mobile device, so you reach the maximum device connect to outlook and can’t set up the New mobile.