Usually user’s OneDrive begins will pending on deletion after user is deleted from Azure Active Directory. No other action will cause the cleanup process to occur, including blocking the user from signing in or removing the user’s license: OneDrive retention and deletion – OneDrive | Microsoft Docs

However, we can remove user’s permission from his onedrive site, then onedrive site is still here but he can not access his onedrive site, you can try below action plan and let me know if it’s workable for you. Thanks.

  1. Go to sharepoint admin center>more features>Manage User Profiles>find the user>click the black triangle next to the user name>manage site collection owners>remove this user’s name from both boxes and add at least one other account(you can add yourself as the admin), click ok to save the settings
  2. Then user will get access denied error message when he login with his onedrive site

For powershell command

Connect-SPOService -URL   then login with admin accout

Remove-SPOSite -Identity -NoWait