– Login Office 365 with Administrator Account

Admin > Exchange > Permission > Discovery Manager > Add “Mailbox Import Export”


Step 2:

Permission > eDiscovery Manager, required the following roles assigned:

Case Management, Compliance Search, Export, Hold, Preview, Review, and RMS Decrypt.

eDiscovery Administrator, please add your admin account as a Members


Compliance Administrator, please add your admin account as Member, else you will only allow Export report and missing Export Result


Step 3:

– Goto Admin > Security & Compliance

Search > Content Search

Then “New Search” > “Specific Locations” click Modify

Exchange email > “Choose users, groups, or teams”

Here will not display user, you should type at least 3 character for search the mailbox

You can choose more than one user, on export action you can split for each user or merge to same PST.

Step 4:

Then Save & Run, when press Save, please give a name for the job

Click the Job on search tabs > More > Export Results

If you can’t find “Export Results”, please make sure the above step permission is done and wait around 30 mins and try again.


Step 5:

Now you can select One PST file for each mailbox or containing all user


Click Exports Tabs > Select Job > Click “Download” Results



Step 6:

After click “Download results” will pop-up “e-Discovery Export Tool” windows, If can’t pop-up please try Internet Explorer or Chrome install ClickOnce, if got error say security is not to allow then you should find IT guy for help.

Please make sure Status: is not preparing data… you should wait for it 100% prepared then come to download.

Click “Copy to Clipboard” and paste to “eDiscovery Export Tools”, browse the save location then press “Start”